FOOTBALL – CAN 2021: withdrawal, minimum number of players… CAF unveils its Covid protocol

On the eve of the kick-off of the CAN 2021, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) unveiled on Saturday the rules in force concerning the health protocol that will be applied during the competition.

“A team will be required to play a match if it has a minimum of eleven players available who have tested negative,” the body said. “In case of absence of a goalkeeper, another player of the team must replace the goalkeeper, provided that the total number of available players is at least eleven,” it added, which means that a selection can theoretically be forced to play without a Goalkeeper.

Up to 17 possible absentees!

“A team that does not have a minimum of eleven players available will be considered to have lost the match 0-2,” added CAF. Each selection will be able to count up to 17 absentees on its list of 28 before losing the game.

The body also said that each selection will be allowed to make 5 substitutions per game, spread over 3 sessions. One additional substitution and one additional session will be allowed in case of extra time during the knockout phase.

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