FOOTBALL – CAN. Tunisia files a reserve after an incomprehensible end of game against Mali

Feeling aggrieved by the whistle before the end of regulation time during its first match of the CAN 2022 against Mali, this Wednesday, Tunisia announced to have filed a reserve. The outcome of the match remains uncertain.

This match may leave traces. While Mali and Tunisia were making their entry into the CAN in the clash of group F, the end of the game has seen many twists and turns.

No one would have asked Tunisia to resume

The referee blew the final whistle seventeen seconds before the end of regulation time. A mistake that caused the resumption of the game thirty minutes after the two teams returned to the locker room. The representatives of CAF decided that the game would resume to play the additional time. Except that Tunisia did not show up on the pitch, leaving the victory to Mali (1-0).

According to RMC Sport, the Eagles of Carthage would have filed a reserve, as allowed when a team believes to have been wronged by the refereeing. “The referee blew his whistle before the end of the match. So we reported things to the coordinator of the match after the game as the rules stipulate,” said the head of the Tunisian delegation. Now we will follow the law to see what happens in the coming days.

Hussein Junayah also said that the Tunisian selection would not have been notified of the resumption of the meeting. This case is likely to make ink flow in the coming days.

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