PSG Mercato: Radical turnaround for the future of Sergio Ramos?

While the trend was to extend his contract, which expires on June 30 with PSG, everything could change for the future of Sergio Ramos.

Asked by the daily Le Parisien about the opportunity to sign a new contract to Sergio Ramos, the former defender of Paris Saint-Germain, Eric Rabesandratana, openly advised Luis Campos against this option. Very bitter with the 36-year-old Spanish international, the sports consultant believes that his contribution on the Parisian team since his arrival in 2021 does not argue for an extension.

His experience is important, but it does not seem to transcend the others. I do not doubt that he is a competitor, but you need more. You’re waiting for the guy to do something big. But for the moment, there is no big reference. Today, we don’t have anything to base it on whether he deserves an extension or not. I’m not talking about talent. But, in the reality of PSG, we do not have what we expect, “said Eric Rabesandratana before advocating the arrival of Milan Skriniar to push Ramos to the exit.

PSG Mercato : Milan Skriniar successor of Sergio Ramos in Paris SG ?

While several local and foreign sources confirm the rapprochement between Milan Skriniar and Paris Saint-Germain, Eric Rabesandratana calls Luis Campos and Nasser Al-Khelaïfi to do everything possible to recruit the central defender of Inter Milan. In his eyes, he has the ideal profile to replace a Sergio Ramos whose shortcomings now depict on Marquinhos.

“For now, we should not do anything. We must let him pass the stages of the Champions League. But I still have the impression that it will be complicated (…) In addition, I still have the impression that unconsciously, it does not facilitate the task of Marquinhos. If his performance is not so good right now, it’s because he has not found his balance with Ramos“, explained Rabe, who is joined by a PSG fan who advises to let go the former teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo to take Milan Skriniar.

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