Bills special teams ace Siran Neal says Buffalo has ‘moved on’ from kickoff issue with 13 seconds left in loss to K.C.

Siran Neal acquired a merited new agreement with the Buffalo Bills this week for his brilliant exceptional groups work.

Given the miscommunication on the kickoff with 13 seconds on the clock in the Divisional Round loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, which allowed just enough time for Patrick Mahomes to lead a game-tying field goal, the kickoff unit in Buffalo has been under scrutiny this offseason. As a special teams ace, Neal was asked about that miscommunication, but the 27-year-old said the locker room has moved on.

“Be interested,” Neal said, through the group’s true site. “We don’t need to talk about anything with the rest of the world on the off chance that we would rather not. Furthermore you know what’s insane, we don’t examine it with one another. That was a play that occurred in those days. We’ve continued on from it.

“There’s a lot of things in that game that we could have done differently to get the outcome that game and that’s one thing that the staff does here. They put together a team, not just ballplayers. They put together, personality people. They have great personalities. And that’s one thing I love about my teammates. We haven’t got to talk about it.”

It certainly won’t be the last time a Bills player is gotten some information about the “13 seconds” circumstance before next season closes. Those fierce finishes will quite often wait as a months-in length account heading into the following season.

Neal’s comments underscore the belief in Buffalo that the Bills have the talent to be Super Bowl contenders in 2022. The first step in overcoming that failure is moving on from the crushing final 13 seconds of their playoff loss. Neal suggests that healing process is already on to the next phase.

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