FOOTBALL – Buccaneers OC Byron Leftwich: ‘Disrespectful’ to opponents to talk Jaguars head-coaching job

Byron Leftwich is among those being considered by the Jacksonville Jaguars to turn into its most recent lead trainer. Be that as it may, what’s top of psyche for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hostile organizer is Sunday’s down against the New York Jets.

“I truly believe it’s discourteous to the Jets and whoever you’re playing that week when you’re discussing things that doesn’t truly has anything to do with Sunday’s down,” Leftwich said Thursday, through the group’s true record. “I’m totally centered around this football match-up on Sunday. Clearly, as a mentor whenever your name is tossed around, I get what will be will be, however it truly makes next to no difference now. It truly makes very little difference now and I sort of believe it’s impolite to the folks that you truly work with each day. That is actually how I view that. Assuming I’m ever sufficiently lucky to be in that circumstance that is the point at which I’ll deal with it, yet as of the present moment, I’m truly zeroing in on the adversary we’re going to play and preparing us to attempt to play our best football.”

The Jags former first-round pick is among the hot candidate names this hiring cycle. His familiarity with the franchise and the success of the Bucs offense could make him the ideal candidate to work with Trevor Lawrence.

The new NFL rules allow clubs who have fired coaches or informed a coach he will not be retained to begin interviews in the final weeks of the season.

Inquired as to whether he would prefer the screening be later the normal season or even the postseason, Leftwich reacted: “I don’t consider it.”

A head-coaching job might not be on Leftwich‘s mind now, but when it does, he has a glowing review from the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady, to share. TB12 said Thursday that his OC “absolutely” deserves a head-coaching job.

“I’ve been around a ton of incredible mentors throughout the long term and it’s inevitable for various folks whenever various freedoms come up,” Brady said. “Byron has been astounding for me to work with, and I realize he will have a ton of chances. He will work effectively.”

For now, Leftwich will focus on his current task, which is the Jets on Sunday, the Carolina Panthers in Week 18, and then the playoffs as the Bucs attempt to defend their Super Bowl title.

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