Mercato: The financial implications of Adrien Rabiot’s return to PSG

Paris Saint-Germain is known for being a club that spends without counting. As rumors of Adrien Rabiot‘s return to PSG circulate, let’s examine the potential financial implications of this possibility.

Transfer Market: Adrien Rabiot, the right time to return to PSG?.

Adrien Rabiot is a player who came up through the ranks at PSG. He spent the majority of his early career at the Parisian club before joining Juventus in 2019. A return of the French international to PSG would be an interesting move from a financial standpoint, as the Parisian club could acquire a player without having to pay a high transfer fee.

However, Adrien Rabiot has not yet made a decision about the next step in his career. While he seemed inclined to leave Juventus Turin, the midfielder is currently in doubt about his final decision after receiving a proposal from the Italian club. Tuttosport reports that Juventus has offered the Frenchman an additional year. The only problem is that the salary being offered is similar to what he currently earns, which is 7 million euros per season.

On PSG‘s side, no decision has been made yet, but Luis Campos and his colleagues considered the idea of Rabiot‘s return to be favorable in the sense that there would only be a signing bonus and a salary higher than 7 million euros to pay him. If another player were to strengthen the midfield of the Parisian club, there would likely be significant transfer fees to pay, which the owners of Paris Saint-Germain would prefer to avoid.

What role would Rabiot have at Paris Saint-Germain?

Another significant aspect related to a possible return of Rabiot should not be overlooked. PSG already has a well-stocked midfield, with players such as Marco Verratti, Vitinha, and Danilo Pereira. Adding Rabiot to the squad could lead to an increase in the wage bill and could also pose squad management issues for the coach.

However, from a marketing perspective, Rabiot‘s return could be a success. Since the player is a product of PSG‘s youth academy, his return would generate strong enthusiasm among the fans. This would result in increased jersey sales and their attachment to the club’s identity, which rarely highlights players it has developed.

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