Al Nassr: Hervé Renard dithyrambic on the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo

Herve Renard spoke about the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo at Al Nassr.

Hervé Renard has a special look at the Saudi soccer news. The French coach has distinguished himself during the last World Cup in Qatar. At the head of Saudi Arabia, he managed to snatch a prestigious victory against Argentina, the future winner of the competition. In the columns of RMC Sport, the former coach of Morocco returned on this feat: “It will always remain emotional, it is a match that will remain in history forever, especially and mainly, the history of the Saudi national team. So, it’s always good to mark the history, that people remember it for a long time is these events that make the day we disappear, we will remember something at least.”

Renard welcomes the arrival of Ronaldo

Since then, the Saudi soccer has again illustrated itself with the unexpected arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. The five-time Gold Ball winner has signed a record contract with Al Nassr and will come to promote the Gulf state. Hervé Renard spoke about his arrival and its consequences on Saudi Arabia, especially in view of the 2030 World Cup, which it aims to organize: “Because of Cristiano Ronaldo‘s career, because of the media impact that he has, it is something that is indefinable. It is a light, it is “sunlight” on Saudi Arabia, anyway, that is the goal. It’s going to get that country into the spotlight a little bit faster. To contextualize very quickly, MBS came “to power” in 2017. It’s been five, six years, it’s very little, so there is a will with a goal that is the slogan here in Saudi Arabia: “Saudia 2030″. Everything will be done until that date to make sure that things are seen in a big way so that this country restores its image, which is sometimes a little dented. So it’s a sporting and commercial goal.”

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