While the signing of Dennis Appiah at ASSE is in the pipeline, a former coach of the FC Nantes defender speaks about his arrival at Sainte.

Announced as the next recruit of ASSE, Dennis Appiah would be a good choice for Laurent Batlles‘ team, according to his former coach at SM Caen, Patrice Garande. “Dennis is already a top guy, a great guy, because I do not dissociate the player and the man. For a coach, it’s a blessing to have a player like that. It works, it is listening”, he validated, for the site Poteaux Carres. The right back, close to AS Saint-Etienne, played under the 62-year-old technician for three seasons, from 2013 to 2016. And Patrice Garande “has only good memories” of him.

At ASSE, Dennis Appiah should take the place of Yvann Maçon, who was loaned by Paris FC in the fall. But thanks to his versatility, he could be a good replacement on the left or in the center of the defense of Les Verts. He is described as a real Swiss Army knife by his former coach. “Dennis is really a very good player, who has the particularity of being able to play in a four-man defense as a right-back. He can also play in a five-man system as a piston, because he has the ability to take the flank and repeat the efforts. Dennis can even play as a left-back or in the center.

ASSE Mercato : Dennis Appiah, a real reinforcement for Saint-Etienne

Remember that Loïc Perrin had pointed out the failure of ASSE‘s fullbacks after the defeat against FC Metz (3-2). “There are positions, especially the pistons, where we do not have enough effective solutions.” In the opinion of Garande, Dennis Appiah is an interesting solution for the Stephanois.

“If confirmed, Appiah is a real reinforcement for AS Saint-Etienne. He is a boy who gives everything on the field, I think he will bring a lot, because of his experience. He knows how to take the lane. Technically he is clean, he has the ability to feed the strikers with his crosses in front of the goal. He is a dynamic player who could deliver more assists in my opinion”.

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