FOOTBALL – OL: Transfer to Liverpool, Fekir accuses again his ex-agent

Nabil Fekir came close to a transfer from OL to Liverpool during the 2018 summer mercato. The transaction had failed and the playmaker had remained in Lyon after the World Cup won in Russia with the French Team. Nearly 3 years later, he continues to settle accounts with his former agent Jean-Pierre Bernès.

OL: Nabil Fekir points to Bernès’ attitude

OL transferred Nabil Fekir to Sevilla in the summer of 2019, for a fee of almost €20M, excluding bonuses. However, he could have signed for Liverpool a year earlier, and for at least €50M. The transfer of the former captain of Olympique Lyonnais had aborted for various reasons. The Reds had mentioned a physical problem (knee injury) found during the decisive medical examination prior to signing the contract between the parties. In a new interview has beIN Sports, Nabil Fekir still questioned his former representative, Jean-Pierre Bernès. “There are things that have been said about this subject that have affected my family, which have hurt him. People who said that, in this case my agent, “he recalled.

The ex-Lyonnais doesn’t take it lying down

Nabil Fekir

The relatives of the native of Lyon had also been pointed out for having wanted to get commissions in the transaction. The 27-year-old player has still not digested the attitude of the agent who advised him to OL. “Basically, that my family came, that they wanted commissions. As if he had learned at ten o’clock (evening). […] It’s bullshit, but it’s not serious, it’s like that, there are no problems,” lamented Nabil Fekir. Note that this is not the first time that the latter is attacking Jean-Pierre Bernès, since the failure of the transfer to Liverpool.

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