Mercato PSG: Lionel Messi chooses Miami, Barça demolishes him!

At the end of his contract with PSG, Lionel Messi chose Inter Miami over a return to Barcelona. The response from the Spanish club was not long in coming.

PSG Transfer Market: Lionel Messi explains why he did not return to Barcelona.

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Lionel Messi admitted that he really wanted to return to FC Barcelona after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, but the financial constraints of the Spanish club pushed him to leave Europe and join the American league and the ranks of Inter Miami.

The truth is that, yes, I was very excited to be able to come back. But (…) after experiencing what I experienced and the exit I had, I didn’t want to find myself in the same situation (…) I heard that players had to be sold or their salaries had to be lowered, and the truth is that I didn’t want to go through that or be responsible for anything related to all of that. That’s why my return to Barcelona didn’t happen. Even though I would have liked to do it, it didn’t happen,” said the 35-year-old forward. After Messi announced his decision to join Inter Miami, Barcelona issued a statement to express its position regarding this choice.

PSG Transfer Market: Barcelona acknowledges Messi’s decision.

By announcing that he would join Inter Miami, Lionel Messi ended FC Barcelona‘s hopes of seeing him play under the orders of Xavi Hernandez next season. Although they wish their former captain “good luck,” the Catalan club did not fail to point out that his choice to snub the Blaugranas reflects his desire to play at a lower level.

“On Monday, June 5, Jorge Messi, father and representative of the player, informed FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta of Leo Messi‘s decision to sign with Inter Miami. This decision came despite the offer presented by Barça, considering the common interest of the club and Leo Messi. President Joan Laporta understood and respected Messi‘s decision to want to play in a less demanding and less media-intensive league, which will result in less pressure on the player than in recent seasons. Joan Laporta and Jorge Messi are working on a tribute from the entire Barcelona people to a player who is and will always be loved at Barça,” wrote the recent Spanish champions.

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